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Muralist & Booth Artist Application


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All Muralists & Booth Artists have the opportunity to win monetary prizes & more, through in-person & online community voting.


Give the people the power to choose their favorite!

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Florida A1A & Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, USA

for the 2022 Festival

All applications as of 9/12 will be for the 2023 event.

Event Dates
Sept. 17th - 18th 2022

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$5 Artist Application Processing Fee per application. There is no limit to the number of categories under "Application Type" that you can apply to. Applications do not guarantee acceptance but all artists are put on a stand by list for the following years event.


Muralist Categories Include:


Be entered in the voting pull for a chance to win prize money for each category listed above.

Rent a Wall

Looking to show off your talent on a global scale? If you apply for a muralist position and are not invited, you will still have the option to be a part of the event. All "Featured" muralists are given a professional photo shot of finished piece, video event live stream & recap recognition post event

Booth Artists

Have the opportunity to set up and sell during an event packed with entertainment all around you. We offer extremely low booth spot rentals in comparison to the industry standard. All booth artist are in their own category for voting and have a chance to win money from the voting prize pull.

Satellite Exhibitions

Do you have a live art demonstration that is not a mural? Maybe a painting demo, sculpture demo, VR demo, want to be a guest speaker and so on? Do you have a solo exhibition you would like set up for a gallery or organization?

Need prints for the event?
Get 15% off when you order for this event and have them delivered to your booth at no extra cost!

* All applications must be submitted by 8/19 in order to be accepted for the 2022 event. All muralist and booth artist submissions go through a panel of judges for acceptance. Booth artists and muralists will be announced via email up until 8/26. Booth fee for the event is $200 per 10' x 10' space. Rates differ for corner and double booths. Wall rentals start at $300 per 8' x 8' temporary wall. The following categories will have a minimal first place and second place prize determined by community voting: Satellite muralists, station muralist, rover muralists and booth artists. Children muralists will have a portion of paid voting proceeds given to their schools art program or go towards a mural installed for the school. Prize pools for each category can be larger and have more paid placements open up depending on additional paid votes.  Featured muralists are asked to do an in-person or online video interview prior to the event. NFT exhibition will only take place if we reach our minimum 10 artists. Please submit multiple applications for each category that applies.