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Collaboration #1

Córdoba, Argentina

The Haunted Zoo


Nashville, TN, US
Mural #12

From the Artist - Chuavevo

"Hello, I'm Chuavevo, an urban artist from Córdoba, Argentina, now based in Miami, United States! I was born and raised in Argentina, where I became immersed in hip-hop culture through graffiti and skateboarding. I am the fourth generation of painters in my family.
Through improvisation, I express my thoughts on emotional states through various characters, addressing the complexities of society, everyday situations, and the emotions we all share."

About the Artist - The Haunted Zoo

Canadian artist, Jeff Denomme, is the creator of The Haunted Zoo, a pop-art inspired universe of characters. Jeff’s passion for minimalistic design inspires his art.

About the Artist - ODDGRASS

Josh "ODDGRASS" is a versatile artist and designer hailing from Nashville, TN. With a vibrant and distinctive illustrative approach, he seamlessly blends elements of surrealism with nostalgic references drawn from his upbringing in the 90s and 00s era. Influenced by his immersion in various subcultures such as skateboarding and extreme sports, tattoo artistry, graffiti, and the raw energy of emo and punk music, his work reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and influences.

Got Mural?

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