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Space Coast Mural Festival
Terms & Conditions


If you are planning on participating in this year's event!


Voting Rules


Auction Rules

Voting Rules

1. Eligibility:

a. Open to all attendees of the festival, fostering an inclusive voting experience.


2. Free Votes:

a. Attendees are granted one complimentary vote.

b. Free votes can only be cast in-person during the festival.

3. Prizes:

a. be entered in a chance to win merch, paintings, autographed event memorabilia and much more!


4. Voting Period:

a. In-person voting is facilitated throughout the festival weekend.

b. Online voting is accessible from the event's commencement until midnight EST on 3/29.


5. Integrity:

a. We will always uphold the integrity of the voting process because it is paramount to ensure a fair competition, we hope you do to.


6. Live Stream and Final Images:

a. A live stream showcasing artists' work will be accessible throughout the festival weekend, offering attendees a dynamic view of the creative process.

b. Final images of murals will be posted by 3/25, providing an opportunity for the extended online voting.


7. Winner Announcement:

a. Regular event voting and prizes (online & in-person) conclude on 3/24 at 4 pm EST.

b. Extended online voting commences on 3/24 at 4 pm EST and concludes on 3/29 at 11:59 pm EST.

c. The winners of the muralists (online & in-person) and booth artists (in-person only) categories for the regular voting event period will be celebrated at the festival.

d. The voting participant winners and the "overall muralist" will be publicly announced on 4/1.


8. Privacy:

a. Attendees are encouraged to uphold the principles of fair play and respect for the voting process.

By actively participating in the voting process, attendees acknowledge and agree to adhere to these guidelines. The Space Coast Mural Festival organizers are dedicated to ensuring a commitment to fair competition and discourage any actions that compromise the integrity of this vibrant event.

Auction Rules

1. Eligibility:

a. Open to all guests, sponsors and vendors participating in the festival.

2. Minimum Mural Value:

a. The minimum value for each mural wall is set at $500.


3. Minimum Bidding Increments:

a. Minimum bidding increments for each bid are set at $100.


4. Commission Rates:

a. The Space Coast Mural Festival will retain a commission fee on the final sale price of each auctioned mural piece.

b. Commission rates and fee structures will be communicated upon request


5. Bidding Process:

a. Bidders can place bids on the online auction platform and in-person auction forum during the specified auction period.

b. The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the right to purchase the mural piece.

c. If the highest bidder does not claim and pay for their piece before 7:00 pm est, the right of refusal will be assumed and the sale of said piece will go to the next highest bidder and so on.


6. Auction Promotion:

a. The Space Coast Mural Festival will actively promote the auction through various channels to maximize exposure.

b. Guests are encouraged to share information about the auction through their own networks to help with the charitable auction


7. Payment and Transaction Process:

a. The winning bidder is responsible for completing the payment within the specified timeframe.

b. Upon successful payment, the owner will be notified to arrange for the transfer of the mural piece to the buyer.

8. Transportation and Installation:

a. To save on cost, we recommend you plan on taking your piece at the end of the event. Claim your piece at 7 pm est at the Info Booth

b. The mural festival can deliver anywhere in Brevard County for $100 delivery fee and $400 for anywhere in Florida. 

        1. This cost will be added to the highest bid. Said bidder will be sent an email with a                       payment link

        2. The Space Coast Mural Festival and affiliated partners are not liable for any damages               during transportation of mural pieces. 

c. You can come to the Trent Art Gallery's Fine Art Printing Center by appointment between 3/25 - 4/5. Located at 120 Venetian Way Suite #21, Merritt Island FL 32953. 

9. Dispute Resolution:

a. In the event of any disputes or issues, the art festival organizers will act as mediators to resolve conflicts between artists and buyers.

10. Terms and Conditions Agreement:

a. By bidding on any of the auction pieces, you agree to the terms and conditions of the mural auction.

By participating in the mural auction, guests acknowledge and agree to abide by these rules and guidelines set forth by the Space Coast Mural Festival organizers.

Vendor & Sponsor Voting terms & conditons
sponsor & vendor auction terms & conditons
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